Best time to Visit Uganda

Best time to Visit Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country situated in the Eastern part of Africa and it’s one of the best tourism destinations in the world also known as the pearl of Africa. The country boasts with the world’s longest river and the strongest waterfalls, snowy mountains, half population of mountain gorillas, several game parks and game reserves and so much more.

Best time to visit Uganda

Uganda can be visited all year round but some months are better than others as the country experiences two seasons that is dry and wet season. There are two wet seasons as well as two dry seasons in a year.

Uganda has got warm tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25-29 degrees at day time and they drop to 17-18 degrees during the night. Mountainous areas are always much cooler throughout the year compared to low lands.

Most of the country’s areas except the semi-arid parts in the north east receive rainfall between 1000-1500mm per year. One of the most cool things about the country is that even after heavy rainfall, the sun always shines there after.

June to August

June to August is the longest dry season and a peak season in Uganda, this is the best time of the year to visit the country because the roads leading to tourist destinations are in good condition and the grass in the national is short making it easy to spot wild life and animals are also concentrated on water catchment areas.

December to February

December to February is the shortest dry season in Uganda, this is also the best time to visit the country as the parks are not congested like in June to August. The roads leading to national parks are in good condition and the trekking and walking trails are also passable.

September to November

This the short wet season in Uganda and it’s the best time for bird lovers to visit the country because of the presence of migratory birds from Europe and north Africa, this is also the best time for photography as the vegetation is short and green. During this time of the year it’s also easy to track chimpanzees as food is plenty on ground and the don’t need to look for it deep in the forest like in the dry season.

March to May

This is the longest wet season in the country though sometimes after rain falls the sun can shine bright and your activities will not be disrupted but the challenge is the roads to some tourism destinations are not in good condition and the bushes in the parks are very thick making it hard to spot wildlife and also hard to trek mountain gorillas.

In conclusion, the best time to visit the country is in the dry seasons of June to august and December to February but you can also visit during the wet season though it’s not advisable. Keep in mind that weather can sometimes become unpredictable and it can rain even during the dry season.

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