Discounted Safaris in Uganda

Discounted Safaris in Uganda

Most people dream of going for holidays in Africa and Uganda is one of best tourist destinations for most travellers as the small landlocked country has been dubbed pearl of Africa because of its wildlife, beautiful landscapes, species of birds, stunning waterfalls and so much more to offer.

Going for a holiday is one of the best lifetime experiences for most people in the world but many are not able to fulfil their dreams due to expenses that come with travelling. Below are some ways you can have a discounted safari in Uganda.

Visit during low season

For discounted trips in Uganda, one must try to visit during the low season that is from March to May and October to December. During this time of the year, most lodges in the parks give discounted rates for their facilities in order to attract more tourists compared to peak season when the lodges are congested and the prices are high. Budget travellers can take advantage of low season for discounted rates.

Choosing the airline

There are many airlines operating from different parts of the world to Uganda on a daily basis and all give different rates for their flights. Travellers can check and compare different flight prices and choose which one to travel with according to their budget, this can help you have a discounted trip in Uganda.

Choosing a tour operator

There are thousands of tour operators in Uganda and probably many more tour wholesalers in your country of origin. It’s less expensive when you book directly with the tour wholesalers on ground than using a tour wholesaler. The tour wholesalers also have different prices for various packages so you can compare and choose one that suits your budget. Always choose a tour company registered with Association of Uganda Tour Operators.

Mode of transportation

Choosing the mode of transport within Uganda can also help you have a discounted safari in the country, the best way to do this is by using road transport rather than air transport which is quite expensive. While using road transport, you can also opt for self drive instead of hiring a driver though it’s not much advisable for foreigners.

Choosing accommodation

Almost all tourist destinations in Uganda offer a variety of accommodation options ranging from luxurious, midrange and budget. Travellers on budget trips can opt to book budget accommodation options in places they intend to stay in.

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