East African Tourist Visa

East African Tourist Visa

The east African tourists visa is the best option for tourists planning to travel within Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. The three countries are some of the top tourism destinations in the world with Uganda boasting with half population of mountain gorillas and Kenya on the other hand well known for its national parks endowed with the big five. Rwanda is also home to the Virunga range volcanoes and mountain gorillas.

East African tourist Visa

The east African tourist visa is a single multi entry tourist visa allowing foreign travellers to enter Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda respectively. This was created by Heads of States of the partner countries to boost regional tourism and create opportunities to explore the diversity of East Africa as a joint initiative.

A tourist that gets the visa must start from the country in which the visa has been issued from. The visa can be got from immigrations offices of the given countries or you can even apply online. The east African visa will be valid for 90 days and will automatically expire when the tourists gets out of any of the above countries.

All people applying for the Visa must apply in their own rights with travel documents valid not less than 6 months. The cost of the east African tourist visa is $100 per person and this visa doesn’t permit work.

Foreign residents staying in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda have been given an opportunity to use an interstate pass valid for six months instead of the east African tourist visa. While nationals of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya can use their national identity cards while travelling in these countries while students can simply use their school identity cards to travel to any of the above countries.


For those beginning their trip in Uganda, you can find information on the consular section of your local Uganda Embassy website.


Travellers beginning their trip in Rwanda can apply through the Rwanda online Visa Application System under type of Visa and select East Africa Tourist Visa or you can contact the Rwandan embassy for more information.


Those visiting Kenya can find information at the consular section of the local Kenyan embassy website.

Travel requirements

A clear coloured passport photo will be required and should have been recently taken without scarf, glasses or hat. The photo should be attached to the application with not with staples or clips. The application form must also be completely filled and visa application letter issued to the authority of the concerned country should be submitted.

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