Hot Air Ballooning in Uganda

Hot Air Ballooning in Uganda

Hot air ballooning in Uganda is a recently introduced activity handled by Dream balloons and Balloon tours limited certified companies registered in 2011 by Uganda civil aviation authority. The pilots have undergone training in Uganda and Egypt aviation authorities.

A group of only eight people will be allowed to fly in one balloon safari, children under the ag of 6 years are excluded from taking balloon safaris and this is so because the balloon can go as high as 10000 feet above sea level which might overwhelm the kids with fear.

Taking a wildlife hot air balloon safari is one of the best life time experiences you should try out while in Uganda, unlike the usual way of viewing wildlife in a car or during a nature walk, you get to see wildlife more clearly and the dramatic scenery of the parks the best way possible.

Balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is the largest national park in Uganda situated in the north western part of country, its bisected by the world’s longest river forming the strongest waterfalls in the world. The park is home to 76 species of mammals and over 450 species of birds.

Balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park begin at a launch near Paara safari lodge and before getting on the balloon safari, you will be briefed on safety precautions then rules and regulations to be followed during the balloon safari.

The balloon safari gives you an opportunity to spot the panoramic views of the Nile, Murchison falls national park and wildlife such as giraffes, lions, buffalos, hyenas, waterbucks, hippos and so much more. You will also have great chances for photography and view beautiful sunrise.

At the end of your balloon safari, you will be handed a certificate of participation, a special yummy bush breakfast will also welcome you at the end of your safari with a bottle of champagne.

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