Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Uganda

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Uganda

Uganda is one of the world’s top tourists destinations with thousands f tourists visiting the country every year, below are some of the vaccinations recommended for all visitors intending to visit Uganda though some are optional other like yellow fever vaccination are a must to be got by all persons entering the country.

Vaccinations for Uganda

Uganda is a tropical country and therefore you need to get some vaccinations prior to visiting the country. Apart from vaccinations you should also take malaria prevention medications before coming to Uganda, the following vaccinations have been recommended by WHO and CDC to tourists visiting the country.

Yellow fever

Yellow fever vaccination in Uganda is recommended for all travellers coming to Uganda from 1-year-old, you will not be allowed to stay in the country without a yellow fever vaccination.

Hepatises B

You can get Hepatises B through contaminated sharp objects, sexual contact, blood products, this vaccination is recommended in case you might go through any medical procedures, sleep with a new partner or get any piercing or tattooing.

Hepatises A

This is also highly recommended for most travellers regardless of where you’re staying because this can be spread through contaminated food and water.


You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in Uganda so your recommended to get the vaccine if you’re going to stay in rural areas or interested in exploring Ugandan foods.


All children are recommended to be vaccinated against polio.


This disease is mostly common during the dry season, if you’re planning to visit the country during this time then it’s advisable you get vaccinated.


Measles vaccination is recommended for children from 6 months old and this one of most required vaccines while visiting the country.


The vaccine for rabies is recommended for travellers interested in doing outdoor activities while in Uganda such as camping, biking, hiking, caving, adventure travel and travellers like veterinarians, researchers and wildlife professionals. The disease can be found through bites from bats, dogs and other mammals.




Cholera vaccine can be recommended to travellers visiting areas of active cholera transmission in Uganda like areas of Isingiro and Bududda. You should avoid unsafe food and water and also wash your hands before eating.

Apart from getting the above vaccinations while visiting Uganda, you should also carry other essentials like insect repellents especially if you’re going to track gorillas or chimpanzees, raincoats and jackets during the wet season mosquito repellents, sunscreen to avoid sun burn as the country is location on the equator and experiences a lot of direct sunlight, water proof hiking boots for those trekking or doing mountain climbing and hiking.

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