Safety in Uganda

Safety in Uganda: Is Uganda Safe?

Uganda is a landlocked country situated in the East part of Africa bordering Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. It’s one of the top tourist’s destinations in the world being home to the endangered mountain gorillas, the world’s longest river, strongest water falls in the world, over a thousand species of birds and so much more.

While visiting any country in Africa or in the world, it’s important for every traveller to take simple sensible precautions to protect yourself and your belongings because petty and violent crimes can occur everywhere.

Uganda is generally a safe destination now days but just like any other country, opportunistic drive bag snatchers, muggings, thefts from vehicles and burglaries occur in Uganda. People in Uganda are friendly, hospitable and welcoming.

Safety in Uganda

Below is some advice for safety while in Uganda;

Don’t carry large sums of money or wear expensive jewellery especially if you’re in towns, streets or, market places like owino market where there a lot of pick pocket thieves.

Always keep car doors locked and windows shut especially when driving in towns like Kampala where they can grab your phone or any other light valuables in the traffic jam.

Do not leave your room unlocked especially at night or if you’re stepping out for some time because you never know who your next neighbour is even if there is security in the hotel.

Do not kindle or laptop unattended especially in restaurants or bars, always leave your staff under care of someone you know before you step out.

Never walk alone in the wilderness without a ranger especially in national parks you might get eaten or hurt by wild animals or even get lost.

Do not stand at the edge of a clip or waterfalls, most edges of waterfalls are slippery and getting so close might get you in trouble of falling down the waterfalls and you can get badly injured or die.

It’s always advisable to put your travel documents and valuables into the lodge or hotel safe sealed in an envelope to avoid losing them.

Always try to blend in and not draw attention to your own self while in Uganda, be cautious and aware of your surrounding though we haven’t had any centre attacks in the country. The dressing code will also matter in some areas of the country.

Many medications may not be available in Uganda; you should take enough legal medicine for your trip prior to arrival in the country. Taking a yellow fever vaccination is a must when visiting Uganda and you should also take anti malarial drugs.

HIV/AIDS is a risk so always protectors if you’re intending to get a new partner in the country.

Use or trafficking of illegal drugs will lead you to jail or paying heavy fines, avoid use or possession of drugs while in the country.

Also note that credit cards, traveler’s cheque and debit cards are not widely used in the country and accessing cash can be difficult in some areas so ensure you have enough cash when you arrive.

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