Uganda Tourist Visa

Uganda Tourist Visa

Uganda is a beautiful country located in the East part of Africa, the country was dubbed Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill because of its diversity. The country is endowed with the world’s longest river forming the strongest waterfalls in the world, home to half population of mountain gorillas, over a thousand species of birds, various wildlife, beautiful landscapes, diverse tribes, snow-capped mountains and so much more.

The country has been listed as one of the top tourists’ destinations in the world with thousands of tourists flocking in the country annually. Below is information you might need for the Uganda tourist visa and requirements needed in order to obtain a visa.

Uganda tourist visa

While planning to travel to Uganda, you must obtain a visa from arrival unless you come from one of the visa exempt countries and all visitors must hold passports valid for nine months. There are countries whose citizens can visit the country without a visa up to 3 months.

Visa on arrival

Visitors from all other countries except Somalia can obtain a visa upon arrival in the country and the price is $50. Holders of diplomatic, consular, service, official or special passports of any country will obtain a visa upon arrival valid for 3 months.


You can now apply for a Ugandan visa online and you will be asked to present a printed e-visa confirmation upon arrival to the country.

East Africa tourist visa

The east African tourist visa is a multi-entry visa that allows travellers to visit Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and its valid for 90 days. The visa cost $100 per person.

Visa requirements

Vaccination certificate

One of the major requirements to acquiring a Ugandan visa is a yellow fever vaccination certificate and if fail to comply then you will be subject to being vaccinated as soon as you arrive in the country.


A passport id the first requirement for anyone who wishes to get a Visa in Uganda, you must have a valid passport of not less than six months valid.

Passport size photo

A clear passport size photo will be needed without a hat, cap, glasses or scarf to be a attached to your visa and this applies whether you’re applying online or on ground. The phot must have a white background.

When you apply for the Ugandan transit visa, you will need a letter that states reason for transit and the country of destination.

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