Kidepo Valley National Park is nestled within rugged valleys in a semi-arid corner between Uganda’s border with Kenya and South Sudan, about 670km from Kampala. Kidepo was originally gazetted a national park in the year 1962, just when Uganda was gaining her independence. Kidepo was primarily established to shelter 1000’s of big and small mammals plus the abundant bird species that were roaming this place. Since then, the park has become a prime hub of wildlife with over 77 mammals and 475 bird species all dwelling within its 1,442 land area.

Kidepo valley national park is the most remote and less exploited national park in Uganda, hence the tag line “True African wilderness”. The few who make a long trip to the north-east through Karamoja plains would agree that it is also the most magnificent and splendidly scenic destination on the continent. From the heart of the park – Apoka, vast savannah plains extend far beyond the eyes can see, and soon disappears into the horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges.

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