Tucked away in Rwanda’s remote south western region, Nyungwe forest national park is perched between Lake Kivu and the international border with Burundi, where it is continuous with Burundi’s Kibira National Park. Sheltering nearly 75 mammal species, including duikers, serval cats and leopards, Nyungwe forest is filled with life. Nyungwe, just like any other park in Rwanda has suffered a dark history marred by civil unrest, genocide, political conflicts, etc. which led to uncontrolled poaching, deforestation and extinction of some animals like forest elephants.

But nonetheless, the park has regained its fame, with now 13 primate species that continue to thrive including the magnificent chimpanzees, enormous troops of Rwenzori colobus monkeys as well as the L’Hoest’s monkeys, all making this park an amazing spot for trekking and nature walks.

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