Our Charity & Cause

Magical Gorilla Adventures dedicates a portion of its profits to two Ugandan causes; supporting single mothers in local tourism communities and contributing to environmental conservation by planting trees and recycling plastics.

Supporting Single Mothers

Supporting Single Mothers


One of our founding directors, Aina was raised by a single mother and she knows the hardships that they go through. Besides, there are so many single mothers lately.

Some of them make mistakes in their early stages of life and find it hard to recover after. Such people still have a chance to impact the lives of many but end up getting taken up by responsibilities and living in hardships.

Through our safaris, we help them start businesses that better their lives and that of their children too. We also hire professional business consultants to mentor them so that they succeed in their businesses.

Part of the profits we make from Magical Gorilla Adventures goes here. However, if you wish to donate any amount ($50, $100, $200, $300, $500, $1000 or even more) to support this cause directly online, you can pay via credit hard here.

Contributing to environmental conservation

Contributing to environmental conservation


Biodiversity loss, through land degradation and drought, is a serious threat to the sustainable development activities across the continent of Africa.

This is often exacerbated by the lack of knowledge and skills on sustainable land management practices and forest biodiversity conservation.

Low levels of awareness and sensitization of the advantages of land restoration among some, combined with poor regulation of resources, and lack of consideration for the interests of local communities, often leads to poor public support and participation towards conservation of natural resources.

Through our support to single mothers in tourism communities and other remote regions, we train them about environmental protection practices and instead make them our ambassadors for our causes.

These mothers go around communities encouraging people to plant trees, recycle plastics and neglect any acts that may destroy the environment.

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