Undeniably one of Uganda’s most popular and oldest wildlife hub, Queen Elizabeth National Park is perched on a lower end of the Albertine Rift Valley in western Uganda on the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains. The park has a total area of 1,978 km2 covering the pleasant conical hills, plain savannah, lush forests, marshlands, lakes and rivers. Queen Elizabeth National Park extends from D.R. Congo’s Virunga National park, creating one of the largest conservation complex in the East and Greater Virunga region of Africa.

Queen Elizabeth national park boasts an array of varied ecosystem ranging from plain savanna to shady and lush moist forests, sparkling water bodies and extensive wetlands, which makes this park a perfect home to over 10 species of primates including the rare chimpanzees, 500 bird species and 4 of the big 5 mammals. The park’s magnificent scenery is dotted with tens of gorgeous crater lakes coined beautifully into rolling ever-green hills and most visible are the rugged slopes of Uganda’s highest mountain – the Rwenzori, spectacular views of Kazinga channel – the 45km waterway which connects Lake George to Edward.

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