Semuliki National Park is located in the furthest part of western Uganda along the edge of great western rift valley in Bundibugyo district lying on the Uganda/Congo border. The park is bordered by the Rwenzori Mountains in the South-east and to the North by Lake Albert; it is arguably one of Uganda’s recently established and smallest national Parks, covering 220 square kilometers of the valley that links Uganda to the rain forests of Central Africa.

Located approximately 340km south of Uganda’s capital, Kampala and taking about 6 hours’ drive, Semuliki reserve is an extension of the vast Ituri tropical rainforest in D.R. Congo. Due to this fact, the park shares some of Ituri forest’s endemic flora and fauna which have strong resemblance to the Congo Basin species. Semuliki forest is a category of moist semi-deciduous and is dominated by the Ironwood tree as well as Cynometra alexandrii, while 7% of the park is wetland forest dominated by the palm Eliaeis guineensis, Mytragyna rubrostipulosa and the Ficus vogeliana.

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