Located in the far northwest corner of Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park (Pac National des Volcans) protects the steep rain forested slopes of the magnificent Virungas massif. The rare mountain gorillas and golden monkeys reside on the slopes of Virunga volcanoes, just a 2.5-hour drive from Kigali International Airport. Roughly more than a third of the world’s population of mountain gorillas is resident on the rugged slopes of the Virungas.

A mountain gorilla is one of the two sub-species of eastern gorillas, and the most endangered of all sub species with a total population of about 1,004 living along Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo borders. These social creatures live in groups of between 8 – 30 individuals in a specific family. Currently there are 12 gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park. Each group is headed by a dominant silverback plus several females, subordinate males (black backs) and usually some youngsters / infants. While large and energetic, mountain gorillas are generally docile and shy, while the young tend to be naughty and quite playful.

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